Anyone Use HomePlugs?

Are they any good ?
Are they reliable for streaming netflix, iplayer, prime etc ?

They work fine for me. I’m not sure what make they are, but they came with my YouView box from BT many years ago.

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I did in my old flat, which had an awkward layout for wifi, they were fine. In the flat I’m in now, it has bad wiring (despite being much newer than my old place) which interferes, but fortunately the wifi signal is fine so I don’t need them. If your wiring is fine they’ll work great. Worth trying by buying on Amazon and you can return if it doesn’t work for you.

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These days mesh WiFi is the way to go.

I’d argue mesh is definitely the right choice for day to day use bu if you’re looking for the best stability possible powerline adapters are amazing

I use them for my server and network in the loft and my main network downstairs and no issues at all.

I use

Thats way too much for me, only looking to spend about £50 max. I know they start at £20 and go upto the £100s

As i have BT i would probably go with these ones …

You pay for what you get. If you’re looking at that level then I know people that use

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Are you looking for the wired ones or for those that also emit Wi-Fi?

Wired preferably

Wouldn’t recommend cheap ones for Wi-Fi. Their powerline-side performance is decent (up to whatever spec they advertise), but the wireless side is dreadful and completely defeats the purpose of the device. I had a pair of cheap TP-Link ones and they weren’t up to spec (not to mention the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band is saturated around here so 5GHz ones are a must).

If money is an issue I suggest you don’t waste it on cheap ones, save up for a pair of proper ones. I ended up replacing the TP-Link ones with a pair of these and couldn’t be happier.

Also would really not recommend getting the BT ones. Get a more reputable manufacturer instead. BT ones are just rebranded cheap garbage with a huge markup and no guarantee of firmware updates (even if the original manufacturer does provide them).


See performance is so mixed with these things! I moved off those Devolo ones on to TP link because performance on Devolo was so bad and the TPs have been much better


Was it powerline performance or wireless performance? Note that 2.4GHz bands are so saturated in residential areas that no matter which manufacturer you choose, a 2.4GHz-only wireless access point is doomed. Dual-band (both 2.4GHz and 5GHz; branded “AC”) is what you want.

For me the TP-Link was not only bad on wireless (can’t blame it due to the 2.4GHz issue though) but also the powerline too; it would randomly stop processing packets for a minute without any obvious source of interference. Replacing them with Devolo fixed the issue on the same wiring (so it wasn’t an issue with the electrical wiring nor interference).

The power line side for me. Throughput was really poor, at first I thought it was something todo with how the solar panels were interacting and connecting with the mains electric but when I tried my friends TP link I all of a sudden for full line speed across the power lines. I’ve never used ones with WiFi on them.

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I found them pretty meh (and this was using Netgear stuff not the cheap as you can buy kit). I installed google wifi and never looked back.


Ok ok mesh FTW

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Ditto, although I went with Amplifi HD

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Used them for years. They’ve always performed really well. WiFi can be a bit hit and miss on the cheaper modals though. Never had any Ethernet issues.

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I’ve had a fair amount of power line adapters over the past few years. I’ve got some dirt cheap Tenda ones now and they work a dream. The TP-Link and BT ones I’ve found work great too.

The ones with WiFi built in I never had a great experience but for wired connections they work great.


Dual-band WiFi ones will change your mind on this. In terms of consumer-grade gear (obviously don’t expect advanced features) they’re great.

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