Anyone had any problems with Voi scooters?

Decided to give the Voi scooters a try. Added my Monzo card as a payment method no problem. Then tried to unlock a scooter and got a message in their app that the card authorisation had failed. However, I’d also received a notification from Monzo that they’d charged me £5, which wasn’t reflected in the Voi app.

Response from Voi:

Let me confirm that as we discussed earlier the charge in the screenshot is an authorization hold . The logic behind the authorization hold is based on our internal risk mechanisms. We reserve a certain amount on a user’s account as soon as the user tries to unlock a scooter. This is done to verify the user’s payment method and make sure it’s valid and functioning.

Furthermore, as the transaction was never made but the amount of 5 GBP as authorization hold was reserved which has been canceled already and It should now disappear from your credit card history.

Moreover, This is an unfortunate situation but the issue seems to be at your financial institute. I would suggest you kindly contact them for further details.

Currently waiting for Monzo payment team to get back to me.

If you scroll to the bottom of the transaction, does it say pending? It’ll be in grey text on a lighter grey background.

If it does, then what they’ve said is sort of right, but it can take upto 8 days to come back to you.

This happened at the weekend so I’m not sure, but it was refunded in a separate transaction so I’m even but it didn’t “disappear” from my card history.

Monzo have said it was a billing address mismatch. Just registered my card again and I wasn’t prompted for a billing address by Voi, which begs the question as to what address Voi are trying to use and where they’re getting it from (Monzo confirmed postcode is correct but said sometimes even just a slight difference in format of the address can cause a problem).

So, doesn’t seem to be anything directly related to Monzo but will leave this topic visible in case anyone has the same problem. Will also update when I hear from Voi about how they guess billing address.

At a guess, if it’s come back to you as a separate transaction and that quickly, then VOI took the money and have now refunded you.

If it is an authorisation/presentment that hasn’t been collected, the original transaction should still say “Pending”.

I’ve had this with a couple of recent transactions, you should get a refund transaction but the original still will say Pending, I think.

As I understand it, Monzo do it like this so you have both the record of the presentment and the eventual expiry/return of that untaken money.

It differs from say traditional banks where it would not show up in your actual transaction list and only in a “Pending” area (though maybe that’s not the case these days).

Edit: this wrong
Not sure if the source of the Authorisation “failing” is a Monzo driven thing, or just a communication gap somewhere between the two systems, but it sounds like Monzo authorised, but the message of “Hey, Voi, this transaction is authorised, give them the scooter”, wasn’t caught at the other end.

You must have missed this:

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Ah, yep, my bad.