Anyone been using or investigating anna?

I’m doing research for a potential client on SME business admin assistance.

Have any of you looked at ANNA ?

Whats the view ?

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Have you also looked at Expend? That is good for SMEs

Anna is a total nightmare. I’m not sure why anyone would want to use it. I went through all the signup steps and just get errors and errors now. Most of the time I open the app I get a completely blank screen, even after clicking on a notification saying support have sent me a message. I’ve given up. Tide is pretty good, I’ve not had any issues, though I went to NatWest business banking as I can’t afford to have hold ups with my business account. (Tide transfers can take a few hours to send or receive).

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Gave Anna a go - couldn’t get through the extremely buggy sign-up. After sending my photo and photo id then wanted more ID! Something like a utility statement that I don’t have because it’s all online, so I gave up. Tried again today, got so far, couldn’t find my business in spite of giving the exact name and then started flashing the page and couldn’t see anything.

Tide is fine. I use it for both of my businesses. There are some big features missing like not being able to have multiple directors use the app. If something else good came along id happily switch but it’s probably the best right now.