Any way to open the app onto a specific (connected) card?

Hi all. First time posting so forgive if I’m not familiar with conventions. I came to ask if there’s any way to open up the Monzo app onto a specific connected card or something like that. I was hoping there would be an iOS Shortcuts integration which would do this but there didn’t seem to be.

I know some apps use URLs/URIs to link into some things in the app, like monzo:// or something like that. Is there a way for me to be able to create a shortcut using this?

Thanks in advance.

This isn’t possible. If it’s cached it might open to where you were last, but otherwise it’ll open to the homescreen.

Sounds like this is never going to happen.

That’s unfortunate! But thank you for the quick and succinct response.

Maybe one day, Shortcuts integration…

We can’t quite do that, but you can pin a connected account to the stack at the top of the home screen - and you could put it at the front of the stack too.

You’ll need to;

  • enable the option in settings>monzo labs> External account customisation first (we’ll release fully soon!)
  • Close and reopen your app
  • Tap your profile picture>edit layout>edit accounts

You’ll also see transactions from the connected account in your activity feed on the home screen

Let me know if this helps a little!

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Unfortunately the idea was to have a shortcut on my homescreen that could take me straight into a specific card, so it’s unfortunate that it’s not possible.

I will stopgap it for now with having the card pinned - thank you for the tip.