Antivirus recommendations

My personal choice for paid antivirus is ESET NOD32 Antivirus - for me it’s the best combination of effectiveness whilst still being reasonably resource-light.

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Thanks to everyone for they’re recommendations, I’m trying out the combination of Avast Free antivirus and Malwarebytes (but Avast has a malware too also which looks good), so we’ll see how it works outs and if my windows laptop slows etc. So far so good though

Windows defender should be bottom of the pile, it’s better than it used to be but it’s still mediocre at best.

If people want to use it that’s their choice but don’t recommend it, or claim it’s all people need. Everyone’s needs are different and there any plenty of better free options out there. Just look at an AV website and shun anything that doesn’t get above 95% .

NOD32 used to be the go to antivirus for years, it was highly recommended on many security forums. Sadly ESET blew it and also had a re-brand and they’ve not quite recovered. Symantec did the same with Norton, it was a performance hog and they have spent years trying to turn that image around.

@AaronB1 what’s your thoughts on Avast?

I don’t mean to come off pretentious or anything like that but this simple isn’t true (this is part of my job). Windows Defender on Windows 10 is one of the top AV and anti malware technologies out there. It’s highly recommended by most people in the security industry for every day use. Essentially unless there’s some reason you need specific features of a 3rd party tool, there’s no need for them.

Defender fairly consistently beats the industry average on protection, and performance. Take it back 2 or 3 years and yes you’re right, its not top of the pile. But this is 2020, a lot has changed.

fyi, this is one of the better websites out there for reliable comparisons of AV software

Most of the other sites are paid advertisements.

(eset is pretty good btw, though I don’t know anyone why actually uses it, I always kind of liked them, wouldn’t use them on my computer though I never saw the point :D)


I wrote a long reply but scrapped it. Security and information security is part of my job but that’s as much as I’m saying on that.

People can look up Av-test or av-comparatives and make their own minds up from the information available.

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