Annual Report 2020 - Monzo

Looking at past publication dates, it seems Monzo posts its yearly annual report at the end of June each year. Based on that, I am expecting it to drop today or tomorrow.

What is everyone most interested in reading in the annual report?. What stats, figures or news are you most eager to sink your teeth into?.

I am interested to see if the yearly losses have increased, how much customer unit economics changed in a year, lending growth, executive changes and what the plan for the next year is.

Nice article here on what to look out for:


Interchange income due to the corona virus

Impact of a very low bank of England base rate on revenue

Going to be interesting

Annual report is up to year end feb so corona won’t be much of an issue


Yeah, as mentioned above, Monzo’s annual report was filed in February 2020, so it is important to remember that Covid had no impact on any of the figures contained within the report.

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I would assume that even though the report is for the year ending in February, they will add something to it to address Covid. If not I would expect an update a bit later that will address it as they did last year.

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It’s going to be awful with everyone turning into experts.


Not strictly true. Although the financials (P&L and Balance Sheet, or whatever they get called now) will be for the financial year to the end of February, pre-Coronavirus, these must be prepared in a manner that reflects the likely trading position of Monzo over the next 12 months.

For example, if Monzo are expected to go bust within the 12 months after their year end, their accounts must be prepared in a different way than if they are expecting to continue trading (called a ‘going concern basis’).

To make sure the correct method is used, the auditors will look at lots of forecasts, projections, assumptions, etc. that justify Monzo’s perception of the next 12 months, which includes coronavirus. Within the Independent Auditors Report (included within the Annual Report), it’s likely we’ll see some wording around how they perceive this, any material uncertainties, key assumptions used, etc.

I’d also expect this to be heavily spoken about in the Directors’ Report as it’s quite fundamental to Monzo as a business.

I’m intrigued what it’s going to say.


And as a footnote to the above, assessment of ‘going concern’ is coming under massive scrutiny at the moment and it’s really being focused on by auditors. This likely means that they’ll be performing significantly more work on this to get comfort on Monzo’s outlook.

They’ll also be looking at the valuation of certain assets, such as Monzo’s loan book. For example, loans and overdrafts may now be at a significantly higher risk of default owing to the pandemic which could result in future losses to Monzo. The balance in the Annual Report will therefore need to be assessed and maybe written-down / impaired.

There’s the potential lots of things like this could cause the filing / release of the Annual Report to be delayed a bit from previous years.

(Edited to include Monzo’s loan book as this one thing I’m particularly interested in).

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Doesn’t look like we’ll see this today :cry:

it was submitted on July 19 last year I think , why are you expecting it today ?

It was June last year. Purely from the speculation above.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter one bit, I’m just being nosey.

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its up to 9 months after year end - 30th November is due date

I know that but the last few years it’s been released in June…

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Previous performance does not guarantee future performance and all that.


Please no. Please not another 5 months of asking where it is.


Where is it?


Don’t know. Not here yet.


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Have you checked down the back of the sofa?

My honestly all time favourite thing in companies financial reports is the “Director Renumeration” section. Ooooh who gets the Big Bux

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