Monzo Annual Report 2019

Does anybody know when Monzo’s 2019 annual report will be published? Last year’s was around Feb I think…?

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Or maybe the year to Feb, so next few months?

Year end was in Feb. Report published in June, I think.


The 2018 Annual Report was to the year ending 28th February 2018. The report itself was published on the 2nd July 2018. The 2019 Annual Report will be a good few months off yet.


No one seems to have spotted this little nugget from the Investival agenda:

Text for screen readers under the fold

How does Monzo make money work for Monzo? In the week we publish our annual report, our finance team take you on the financial journey we’ve gone through this past year and a peek into where we see things going. After all, that’s why you invested right?

:rotating_light: Given that Investival is on Saturday, Annual Report imminent?! :rotating_light:

(For those not in the know, Investival is the first day of updates/talks for shareholders!)


Well well

Good spot , suppose we knew it’d be around now… interesting to read the detail

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It’s normally at the very start of July but investival is a good shout

They might release some details of the report then release it in full next week?

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I am thinking that Monzo is now profitable.

Incredibly unlikely in my opinion.

From what I see they’re making a few pounds per customer, however they now have 1000+ staff members.

I would expect that we are closer to peak losses then profitability.


Yep think this could be true

Given there is such a massive focus on delivering features which drive profit over features which improve the customer experience I’d agree that losses have increased substantially

Looks like the annual report is out now:

£47.2M loss to 28 Feb 2019 compared to £30.8M year before


Better than I thought the loss might be. Great find.

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This goes up to the end of feb iirc. So end of prepaid, end of card top ups, launch of joint accounts, early days of loans etc but pre business accounts, plus and other revenue streams

I don’t expect losses on the scale of the previous years but more customers so will wait and see

Edit: posted before the report was linked

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Great find! :hot_coral_heart:

But Monzo - no mobile native format? Previous years you’ve led by example here - please go back to publishing natively in HTML. PDFs and mobile = difficult. :pensive:


Timeline calls it Mondo? Typo? Or did they go through a name change I missed…

Yes the original name was Mondo

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£288 average balance I think if I’ve mathed correctly