Annual Report 2020 - Monzo

I’m intrigued about whether what has caused the structural changes to Monzo post-February is within the financials.

Not exactly June for the last few years. It was only released in June last year. It is due - if released at the same schedule - around this time but as others state they do have a few more months if needed.

2019’s was 27th June 2019.
2018’s was 2nd July 2018.
2017’s was 4th July 2017.

I quickly googled and assumed it was published at this date


Any update on when the annual report is dropping?.

Are you joking? :see_no_evil:

No, I am very intrigued to see the state of the business I and many others hold money in.

Based on the 40% down round, redundancies, firings, closing of Vegas office, Tom out as CEO and from the board, the failure to file the sale of stock to companies house, adding their head of diversity and inclusion to a redundancy list, huge turnover in the executive team, I think it’s fair to want to know how things are going at Monzo.

Not releasing their annual report around the same time as the last three years is just another worrying thing about Monzo. It raises questions over why they are not releasing this information like previous years.

Have you ever posted without mentioning this?

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You need to read a few comments up from your initial one and you’ll see a discussion around when it is going to be released.

I’m not steering you away from anything, there’s no report yet. You just to try and drag Monzo down, which if you do really hold money in, I find even more bizarre.

The accidental omission of stock sales from Company house until a member of the public complains to companies house.

I got bored after that. Maybe you will too one day.

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I don’t think legally they have to release it yet, just that they normally do. I’d put it off a while if I was them

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not even deliberately putting it off, but that it’s just taking longer to get audited (because Cornoavirus).


I strongly disagree with this. The preparation of an Annual Report is contingent on the auditors signing off on the financial statements; Monzo can’t release this until the statutory audit is complete.

There are so many things going on at the moment that more than likely will impact this - auditing remotely due to CoVid will be less efficient than on-site and face-to-face. Monzo may have finance staff on furlough which has slowed the process. The pandemic may have introduced material uncertainties into Monzo’s figures (see my post on the valuation of their loan book) that requires much more interrogation and assessment. Substantially more work may have to be performed around ‘going concern’. And, this is on top of the auditing profession coming under significantly more scrutiny off the back of some of the larger scandals / failures seen recently, all resulting in more work having to be performed.

You really should consider changing your expectations if you don’t think the above won’t have impacted timelines for this.


Just to emphasise, the filing deadline for the Annual Report and Accounts at Companies House is 28 February 2021

The time to start asking questions around where this is is 1st March next year!

As Monzo is privately owned they have much more flexible reporting requirements. As you say, it is not required until Feb 2021.

Monzo used to have a great community & was great at communicating. The opposite now holds true. Why can’t they provide an update on when they are aiming to release the annual report?

A lot of us are investors so this is just courteous.

If they said it won’t be ready until September due to covid and other factors that would be fine. Instead there is radio silence which seems to be how Monzo operates now.

A shame.

With little/no influence.

Just because you chucked in a few quid it doesn’t mean you can demand a voice in the company and its operations.

There is nothing wrong with the approach yet. Based on previous years, it’s only a matter of days ‘delay’ at the moment anyway. Resources and operations in many companies across the world are a constraint right now so I think some leniency is deserved.

I’m critical of Monzo where I think it matters but this just doesn’t matter yet as there is no legal requirement or communicated promise to fulfil yet.


Cumulatively crowdfunding investors have invested a fair amount - Admittedly a small fraction of VCs.

And agree, we have no influence. I also have no influence on any of my stock holdings, but that doesn’t stop them communicating to shareholders.

In my personal experience (having worked in asset management across the globe and being an investor) how a company communicates, no matter the investor size, is an incredibly strong indicator of long term performance.

Monzo were great at communicating and hopefully this is just a blip.

You say Blip as if they have commited to something and missed a deadline? As far as everyone here knows thats’ not the case?

Its about a week behind last years schedule and given we’re in the midst of a pandemic it doesn’t seem unlikely the audit is complete yet.


Comment was in general, not just Annual Report.

Personally as much as i want to see how my investment is doing and enjoy looking at the annual report id rather they focused on getting in the flow again and relaunching plus and some more cool features.

I don’t think the devs audit and release financial reports :+1: