Anne Boden book

(Tony) #1

I just spotted this whilst browsing Amazon:

I think the title’s a bit much (saying you’re the one who “changed banking forever” feels a bit self-aggrandising!), but I guess it’s a case of waiting until March to see what she actually says – I shall reserve judgement!

I think I might buy it (I’ve been given some Amazon gift cards for Christmas, hence the browsing) and report back once I’ve had a read.

(brandon skerritt) #2

Despite being in love with Monzo, I expect this book to be cool. Not everyday you get to read a book on how someone started their own bank :grin: @tom any chance you’re writing something similar? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No matter my feelings about Starling and their practices, I do think this will be a good read as I’m sure she has a fascinating story to be told. I just hope it’s about her life and career, and not just about the formation of Starling though.

(Dan Mullen) #4

I’ve pre-ordered the Kindle edition.

(Jack) #5

The fact it’s in Starling branding makes me think otherwise

(Only available in amateur ) #6

They’ll just be using the Starling colours because that’s where she is now. Might as well use it to it’s full marketing potential

( #7

Will it be as factual as some of their marketing?

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I have found a few pages leaked online, looks a really good read.

Page 1


Page 2


Page 3



I don’t know why I expected any different from you lol


Whether you like Starling or not, Anne has had a very long career in banking and been there at some of the most notorious banking events of the last 30 years. I will definitely read the book, as I do think what she has achieved with Starling is remarkable.

(Hugh Wells) #11

I think I’ll get a copy - I’d like to better understand Anne’s vision, especially considering her expertise in commercial banking :+1: