Anne Boden book

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I just spotted this whilst browsing Amazon:

I think the title’s a bit much (saying you’re the one who “changed banking forever” feels a bit self-aggrandising!), but I guess it’s a case of waiting until March to see what she actually says – I shall reserve judgement!

I think I might buy it (I’ve been given some Amazon gift cards for Christmas, hence the browsing) and report back once I’ve had a read.

(brandon skerritt) #2

Despite being in love with Monzo, I expect this book to be cool. Not everyday you get to read a book on how someone started their own bank :grin: @tom any chance you’re writing something similar? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No matter my feelings about Starling and their practices, I do think this will be a good read as I’m sure she has a fascinating story to be told. I just hope it’s about her life and career, and not just about the formation of Starling though.

(Dan Mullen) #4

I’ve pre-ordered the Kindle edition.

(Jack) #5

The fact it’s in Starling branding makes me think otherwise

(Emma (still not the app)) #6

They’ll just be using the Starling colours because that’s where she is now. Might as well use it to it’s full marketing potential


Will it be as factual as some of their marketing?

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I have found a few pages leaked online, looks a really good read.

Page 1


Page 2


Page 3



I don’t know why I expected any different from you lol


Whether you like Starling or not, Anne has had a very long career in banking and been there at some of the most notorious banking events of the last 30 years. I will definitely read the book, as I do think what she has achieved with Starling is remarkable.

(Hugh Wells) #11

I think I’ll get a copy - I’d like to better understand Anne’s vision, especially considering her expertise in commercial banking :+1:

(Graeme ) #12

Has this book been pulled? Unavailable to pre order

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(Elliot ) #14

Still available for pre-order from Waterstones at £20 - seems a bit extreme tbf

(Dan Mullen) #15

It’s definitely been cancelled/postponed indefinitely.

(Elliot ) #16

Oh good,I wonder what the fallout was / why tom left Straling to begin mon(d)zo? I wonder what background politics may be involved.