Android Launcher

What’s launchers you Android folk using :eyes:

Currently got Nova installed along with Smart Drawer, the latter keeps playing up lately, they’ve not updated it for a few months so more and more bugs keep slowly appearing.

I’m just trying Smart Launcher at the moment which is decent but doesn’t offer up enough widget screens.

Not sure what I’m going to try next, so thought see what others are running.

I’m a big fan of Niagara Launcher :+1: really clean and easy to use.


Don’t like the look of that one :rofl: think I’ll be trying a fair few different launchers until I find something.

I used to constantly switch launchers too, but if I’m honest it seems to only be Nova that’s solid.
Honestly, with my Pixel 5, I’m happy with the Pixel launcher. It’s smooth.


I’ve been on Nova since before i can remember, it’s good. It’s more the Smart Drawer app that’s annoying me with it’s bugs. It’s not been actively developed at the moment as they’re testing a new launcher.

I’m starting to lean to smart launcher at the moment just because that’s got the same app drawer built in which works. Might have to man up and pay just to get the extra widget space :rofl:

Pixel launcher. Does the job, no frills, no issues, rock solid (at least recently!)

Nova Prime

Nova Launcher all the way for me. Been using it for years.

I tried giving the stock Pixel launcher a go when I bought my Pixel 6 but missed not being able to tweak the grid size and whatnot to my liking.