[Android/iOS] Making Monzo "Watching" feature bug

Clicking the “Watch” this feature for any feature in the Making Monzo section of the app causes the further information for the feature, usually found by clicking the picture of the feature, briefly flashes up then disappears. The tabs for “Coming Soon”, “In The Future” and “Finished”, which are usually found at the top of the screen, have also disappeared. Clicking any of the features does nothing when it should bring up additional information about the feature.

If you return to the Help Tab by clicking the “Back” button in the top left of the screen and then reenter the Making Monzo section, the feature you selected to watch is being watched and everything is working as normal.

NB: I just got this bug when trying to watch the “Add custom images to your pots” feature.

Details to reproduce:
Navigate to the Making Monzo section of the app ==> click on the “Watch” this feature button for a feature ==> observe the issue described.

OS: iOS 12.1.4
Device: iPhone 6
App Version: 2.34.0 #504 (TestFlight)


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Same for me.

iPhone X
iOS 12.1.4
Monzo 2.34.0

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Same on Android. The Making Monzo section is a bit unrefined in general. :confused:

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It definitely needs some love.

I’ve found a few more bugs on iOS: