[Android] Incorrect "Left to spend" on main screen

Issue: In the new design that displays “Left to Spend” in the main screen right under the balance (love it, btw <3) the left to spend amount is incorrect. See screenshot below.
The summery screen displays the correct results.

Details to reproduce: Just opened my main page.
OS: Android 9
Device: Samsung Galaxy S9
App Version: 2.55.0 (according to the playstore, a beta tester)


I’m also having this problem too with the new app layout. I thought it was just me.

I had similar thoughts this morning. That figure isn’t the left to spend but instead is left to spend plus your spend so far

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I also thought there was an issue there too, doesn’t look right to me, all very confusing and doesn’t really make any sense.


I don’t like it. I’d rather it was the left to spend figure. It doesn’t give me any useful insight. All this tells me is I’ve already spent more than predicted. Yet the bar is green.


It says “left”, why would it be total spend? So weird.
Also, what useful data do I get from it? I’m confused. :thinking:

Should really be left to spend like in the summary, imho.

They’ve said they already identified the cause of this and will fix it soon


I made contact In-app about this glitch yesterday as I discovered it as soon as I updated to latest Android version.

Monzo said they would look into it. :mag_right:


Same here, also I’m having to restart the app for any of my balances to update. When I spend and withdraw from a pot the balance stays the same until force close and reopen. Anyone else have this?