[Android] Cursor issues when adding or removing money from pots


When adding or removing money from pots, tapping the default value to edit the amount doesn’t work properly when dealing with two decimal places. The placement of the cursor works for the first decimal place but then resets for the second, creating unexpected results.

Details to reproduce:

  • Go to Account tab
  • Find a pot that is has penny values in it (i.e. doesn’t end £.00). In this example £21.94
  • Tap withdraw
  • imagine you want to withdraw 94p - tap to position the cursor to the left of the 94.
  • Tap backspace
  • the cursor jumps to the right of the last digit - this is unexpected behaviour
  • pressing backspace again deletes the 4 instead of the 2 (expected behaviour)

This also happens when adding money to a Pot.

OS: Android 8.1.0
Device: OnePlus 5
App Version: 2.1.2

Tapping on a Pot:

Tap to reposition cursor:

Tap backspace deletes the expected digit but also repositions the cursor:

Pressing backspace again deletes the last digit:

The expected result should be 0.94

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