Android app - long way to go

The Pulse Graph, is on the way.

Targets are the main other feature which has been developed to enable users to track their spending. There’s this card on the roadmap for Android.

Yes Monzo does do this, the reason for (which Hugo confirms later in this thread) is this -

You’ll be relieved to hear that students only need to top up £25 though…& that over 110,000 users (including yourself) have still signed up despite this.

The £100 initial top up is still the user’s money.

AFAIK this hasn’t been reported by other users. Next time you have any issue, please do create a topic in the bug reports category, with steps to reproduce etc. & Monzo will look into it.

This can be solved already, using Norton’s app lock app or one of the other apps mentioned here. It’s also on the roadmap.

That’s interesting to hear, @anon95680666 (who’s clearly done his research :wink:) has made some excellent points about Revolut’s fees. There’s been quite a bit of feedback on the exchange rate in this topic where there’s a few more posts with feedback in reply to my comment.

To summarise, the difference is marginal & sometimes Monzo’s rate is better, sometimes Revolut’s is better (unless Revolut is adding on a fee, something Monzo doesn’t do).

This has been mentioned in another post, no doubt Monzo will fix it :soon:

Ultimately, Revolut is generally targeting customers with a different set of needs from Monzo users - people who need accounts to hold foreign currencies & who make transfers abroad - (though Monzo will eventually address both of those use cases too). In the meantime, if their service is more suitable for you then great!

But if you don’t need those features, then personally I have a hard time seeing why you wouldn’t use Monzo, bearing in mind it’s additional features & the fact that the gaps you’re seeing will be filled in soon…

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