Amazon Echo Dot sale?

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Afternoon all :slight_smile:

I’m after a new Dot and remember seeing them being offered for half price on

They are currently full price - so, does anyone know when they will be on sale? Is it only before Christmas?

Many thanks,

Jon :slight_smile:


Amazon have a sale on for Prime members on Fire TV stick, so they won’t be having a sale on Dot now.

They reduce the price on Black Friday and they normally have a sale just before they launch the new devices. They have not long back had a sale on Dots so probably not for a while if they do another.

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Thanks for the info, much appreciated :slight_smile:


My besy advice would be to keep an check on there website as occasionally I have noticed in the past do have these on sale at different times of the year.
They will highly likely have these on sale on Prime Day Sales next sometime during July if you can hold out that long.
Maybe worth looking at other websites Argos, Very, Currys as they can be on offer there also very not too often.

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(Dan) #5

Protip: Use camelcamelcamel to track prices on Amazon.

Here’s the Echo Dot on there:

You can see the history and sometimes spot trends and guess when the price is likely to drop again.

You can also set a desired price and get an email alert when the price drops to it.

Answer: it looks like the Dot is frequently £30. I wouldn’t buy at £50.

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@danbeddows that’s incredibly handy - thank you :slight_smile:

Just canceled the order I made earlier and will set up a price alert.

Thanks again!

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Quick heads up - I messaged Amazon via their chat asking if they had any special offers and was instantly granted a 15% discount. I’m going to wait for the price drop but thought it was worth letting you know about :slight_smile:

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Now on sale for £29.99 :slight_smile:


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That URL has an affiliate tag in it - here it is without:

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Now edited without an affiliate link :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(That was out of habit rather than intention).