Allow schedules for "nth-to-last working day of the month"

In short, I get my salary on the 3rd-to-last working day of the month - which can be anything from the 29th to the 24th in February.

Is there any way to either:

  • set a more complex date arrangement like this as a scheduled payment or a budget window start; or
  • have scheduled payments trigger when salary is paid in, regardless of date (as I sometimes get paid early in December)?

Unfortunately the answer is ‘not yet’ to both situations. But this is a highly requested feature and the Summary section will hopefully be getting some increased development soon once the ‘new nav’ development settles down.

Nothing definite here (I’m not speaking for Monzo) - just what I’ve picked up recently from community discussions & comments.

PS> Welcome to the Community :wave:

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Yes, that’s a good point about being paid in December, I normally get paid on the 20th December every year which is a week earlier than usual.

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I think more dynamic actions are required based on other variables such as the Payee or even amounts over a certain value.

I get paid different each month and on a different date, so id like to identify my salary income by the payee (which is fixed) or even as an amount over a certain value (as my salary is the single most highest value deposit).

Doing things by dates just didn’t work these days!

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