Allocate payment to Pot

(Ollie Parker) #1

I’m loving the introduction of Pots, but would like the ability to manually associate a transaction to a specific Pot. For example, say I had a “Holiday” Pot and purchased flights; while the payment would initially be made using my available balance I could then allocate that cost against a Pot, thus moving that amount from my “Holiday” Pot back into my available balance.

(Caspar) #2

Rules for pots are coming at some point in the future, hopefully, something like this will be part of it. At the moment I’m doing the same, keeping money aside and moving it back as soon as a transaction is done (or just before, if I’m smart).

(Ollie Parker) #3

Yeah, I saw that rules were on the cards. I’ve cast my vote for them, but wasn’t sure whether there would be the option to manually allocate money to a Pot, rather than setting up automated rules (if money comes in from {PERSON}, allocate to {POT}, etc.) - we’ll see what happens.