After reinstalling the app I cannot login

After reinstalling the app I am not able to log in. I tap on “Sign In”, I enter my email, I receive and email with the link to log in, but when I tap on it I land on a page where I am asked to transfer £100 to receive a new card.

I already have a card and I would like to access its balance again…

assuming you cant get in app chat for support - try emailing - - and they will sort it out for you

This means that you’ve logged in with a different email address to the one on your account.

Mine is slightly different, I get the link and when I go on the link the app re-opens but asks me to enter the email address. Pretty much a never ending loop! :weary:

Can you try deleting the app, deleting all of the login emails you have from us and then starting again? Thanks!

If this is iOS then there’s also Settings > Monzo > Reset Session

This was used to fix a problem I had.

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Just a quick heads up - one of the Monzo developers has just told me that logging out & back in again resets more settings, than resetting the session so it’s generally the better option.