Additional benefits to premium

It would be great to have additional benefits on the premium cards. With the ultimate rewards card at Halifax you have car breakdown cover. This would be a really handy addition to the benefits that you already have.

I would switch to Monzo for everything if that was the case.

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Car Breakdown:

Better benefits:

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Hi and welcome @Andycn.

@ndrw has done a great job and noted the other posts - although to be honest there haven’t been any real seismic changes in either plus or premium since launch so I wouldn’t expect this to happen any time soon.

FWIW - Premium is to me reasonably comparable to others, with the possible exception of flex plus but I agree, doing more (even with a slight additional cost) would make it really great.


Thank you both @JIMMWX and @ndrw - saw all those other threads after I posted (newbie over here) ahah But I think it would be the game changer for me to have the breakdown cover included as standard. We would move over immediately. Currently pay £17/month so would be happy for it to be more for sure.

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This is a tricky one. I don’t drive so I wouldn’t want to pay extra for something I don’t use, but I get the benefit for others.

In the early days of Plus there was talk about mix and match benefits, but I think that was swiftly abandoned.

I do wonder, though, if rethinking that decision to allow us to choose standard Plus or Premium, or to easily configure for different options (metal card with Plus? Add breakdown cover to Premium?) might not be a good idea.

I’ve no idea of the numbers that’d be interested or whether it would be worthwhile…

Mix and match is never going to happen, at least for a bank of Monzo’s size. You need to be able to show a benefit to the partner companies in order to secure a reasonably good deal. And saying “sell breakdown cover for cheap to 10% of the 10% of users who have Premium” (numbers plucked out of my arse) does not sound as enticing as saying “sell breakdown cover for cheap to 10% of customers”

Unbundling means Monzo don’t make the money. They need people to pay and not use things.

Adding more things to Plus/Premium that cost Monzo money isn’t going to happen without increasing the cost.