Addition of an “Are you sure?” when cancelling direct debits.

Title explains it all really.

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But if you’re already at the stage of cancelling one, you should be sure.

It’s actually 5 taps.

Direct debit in question
Authorise cancel

The auth to cancel is your are you sure.


Pretty sure you need Face/Touch ID or PIN to cancel it… so thats the ‘are you sure’

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FaceId happens as soon as you press delete. So is definitely not a confirmation step at all.

I’m with the OP on this, a simple confirmation would be good


Isn’t it already there? I’m not testing it as I don’t want to cancel anything, but looks like it has the steps

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Downvote. Not needed. The ‘Authorise cancel’ click is the “Are you sure?”

50% sure on iOS, no, when I deleted my other direct debit. I have one to cancel in a week, so I’ll test it then when I’ve received a refund from it! :male_detective:

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I think the issue is the “authorise cancel” is FaceID and is pretty much instant so if you do click accidentally to cancel it’s pretty much going to be cancelled regardless.


I just tested it then, I agree with OP. There is no “are you sure” prompt.

Yeah it is 5 taps to get to that point, but if you’re already looking at a specific DD details, you can’t really count this as confirmation someone wants to cancel.

If you accidentally click on “Cancel direct debit”, for people with Face ID looking at their phone, the direct debit just cancels with no way of stopping it — it just happens. (On iOS, can’t speak for Android).

If someone uses a phone with a fingerprint sensor, I think this wouldn’t happen automatically and the user could back out of the cancellation.


I’m Android and yes it says to Auth it.

I guess to be conscious where you’re tapping instead of hitting Cancel Direct Debit to, would you believe it, cancel the Direct Debit.

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Hahaha yeah I agree with that. For the time I’ve been with Monzo I’ve never accidentally cancelled a direct debit.

I can’t talk for everyone, but there may be people out there who genuinely struggle with mobility and accidentally cancel a direct debit.

For that reason, it may be beneficial to have a confirmation screen? Or even just for Face ID devices?

For reference, this is what it’s like on iOS as soon as you press that button (if gifs work):

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Aye I suppose they could put another layer in there.

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Agree with this.

It’s mad that monzo haven’t fixed this for iOS / Face ID already.

Also, unless it’s been fixed, there’s a very similar issues with shared tabs, where the settle up button prompts the app the scan your face and send money - no confirmations, no indication of the amount. I managed to send a friend £200 by accident.

And, yes, I’ve also cancelled a direct debit by mistake before now.