Adding credits to categories

Hi, Love Monzo, but find it really annoying that credits don’t count towards my expenditure within a specific category. For example, if I allocate expenditure to, say Family, and then someone pays me back or contributes to that cost and I also allocate that credit to that category, then I’d like to see the total for that category reflect that, even take it to a negative expenditure if I’m paid more than I spend. However, it only shows the outgoing amount. I find this really annoying … to the point where when I look at my monthly expenditure its meaningless as it doesn’t include where people have paid me back.

same as this: [Android] Payments assigned to category aren't reflected on budget

from which:


Sep '18

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I’m afraid this isn’t something that is a high priority right now - it would actually require some fairly complex refactoring :disappointed: We are aware of the bug and when we do have more capacity it will be something that gets looked at :raised_hands:

The ‘workaround’ at the moment is to apply the ‘Exclude from Summary’ toggle on any spending transaction which you are later reimbursed for.

OK. Thanks for the workaround. Doesn’t help if I book two cinema tickets and my friend reimburses me for one of them (just one of the countless examples I seem to have). Looking forward to it rising up the backlog list as this is negating the whole reason that I’m moved to Monzo in the first place.