- pass it on


Not a complicated request and there way be a quick way of doing this already that I’ve missed but…

Quite often I’ll receive instructions from headquarters that she’s run out of tobacco. I then have to nip into a shop on the way home and buy some on my Monzo card. With, can there be an option to pass it on so the whole amount gets sent to somebody rather than splitting?

I know I can manually edit the amount but I like saving steps!

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It doesn’t help you, but sending a text might be easier. Assuming you’re unable to tell them to do their own shopping, of course :grin:

#3 is definitely easier, as a Monzo user she just needs to click the link I send. It just means some manual tomfoolery my end before sending they link.

I’ve tried telling her to get it herself :frowning:

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So basically requesting the full amount rather than splitting a payment?

Would this work better to request an amount before a transaction happens, or after? Or both?



For me it works better after. I don’t know how much tobacco and/or filter tips costs until I’ve bought it so just and extra option in the split the bill screen would be perfect for me

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I’ve sent a note to our Product team to see if we have any plans to implement that - it might be something that’s already been discussed… watch this space! :grinning:


Why not just do a request rather than a bill split? If you send her a message with your link for the price of a packet, she can scroll up and click it every time, forever.


It’s not always just tobacco or indeed tobacco at all. I am a general errand boy!


Well even so…just use a request each time rather than a bill split. I do it all the time cos I pay with a credit card and then get people to back. Great for air miles and cash flow!

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Will is correct - this is one way of achieving this, but it’s not tied to the specific transaction, which I think is what the OP is asking for :grinning:


Does it need to be?


Yeah like Will said just go to Payments tab and tap request to share request link.

You can tie it specific transection by adding sane tags in notes on both spent in shop and request.


Not necessarily but if there’s just a button I can press that creates the request with the correct amount tied back to the transaction that I can just fire off then that would be better.


I get the same result from doing the same thing via split cost but tied to the transaction. I’m just after a short cut.


Slightly, yes. Remember, you can always include a comment in the request which lands on your feed once they pay you, so you have a reminder of what it was for. Clearly when we get to the point of having paybacks tied to the original amount to debit the right spending category, then your solution would be way more elegant.


Making that request is no easier than making a customised split transaction request which is what I currently do. I’m just after a few less button presses :smile:

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+1 for this, have been thinking this would be useful for a while :+1:t2: