Add notes when withdrawing from savings

I’d like to be able to add hash-tags or notes to withdrawals from my Monzo savings accounts at the time I make the withdrawal instead of having to wait until the next day when the withdrawal actually hits my account… I always forget, and even when I do it’s inefficient as I have to double handle that transaction.

Hope that makes sense?

You’re probably better off asking for instant withdrawals - which would be infinitely better than the baffling imposed wait, and fix your problem while it’s at it.

Hmmm… Yes it would. Do you know if that’s on the cards?

I do know that it is something you can add your “vote” to:

Aha! Cool, I’ll vote for that!

Yes! And being able to add Notes and hashtags on pending debits from the account. Currently my mobile phone bill is showing its going to be debited 3 days from now, so I want to add notes and categorise it now, not have to go back and do it.