Instant Saver Scheduling

I have a Monzo instant saver account and an easy access saver. I can schedule a withdrawal from the easy access saver but not the instant saver.

I think that the Monzo instant saver should allow for scheduled withdrawals.

From an Easy Access Savings pot, I can schedule a monthly transfer to my current account or schedule a withdrawal on a specific date, for example. From Monzo’s Instant Access, this is no facility to schedule payments to my current account.

The latest posts are asking the exact same thing. It’s been mentioned a lot, have a search and you’ll see.

Here too

Thanks for sending me the link to my own post…


That isn’t what happened.

Thanks for the info. I tried searching but didn’t find anything.

You hadn’t posted in this thread. I linked someone to your thread.

You don’t seem to understand how forums work. That’s your issue. The question doesn’t have an answer, as all the other posts show.