Add daughter to joint account

Can I get another Monzo card for my daughter that links into our Monzo joint account (mine and her fathers)?

You could open a joint account with your daughter but currently Monzo joint accounts only allow 2 account holders. (Assuming she is 16+ as that’s the min age for a Monzo account)

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How old is your daughter?

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This request sounds like Connected Cards from Starling. I’m not aware of any other banks offering them, and I’m sure that Monzo don’t.


You could add your Monzo card to her Google/Apple pay account.

Her age would be a factor in this though, because if she’s quite young I presume you’re going to want to add some restrictions on how much she can spend etc? Therefore you’re possibly going to want something like goHenry:

Thank you - she’s 20 but we’d like her to have access to the funds e.g. if she pops to the shop for groceries…

Brilliant idea! Thank you - this may be the way to go!

RBS/NatWest/Ulster Bank