Add custom images to your Pots

(Richard Cook) #204

This is now live for everyone on iOS!

Android coming soon… :eyes:

Feeling creative? Come share your new creations here: Custom Pot images - show off your best!

(Paul) #205

Are there any known problems with joint accounts? Just added pictures to all my joint account pots, and they’ve all just turned a blank colour.

(Robin Bilgil) #206

Hi all, nice to see people enjoying having your own images on pots! I was one of the backend engineers working on this and personally really excited to see it in the app.

This was a “Monzo time” project; something that a small team of us formed around to work on on the last Friday of every month, which is the reason we’ve been teasing this for a while but getting it out the door took some time. As you can imagine it’s not exactly a high-priority feature to the company overall (although it’s really really nice to have IMO), but monzo time enabled a few of us to prioritise this as a side-project and ship it, which I think is great.

The square crop is a known issue; unfortunately it wasn’t a trivial thing to fix and we didn’t think it was a blocker; we’d rather get this feature out into users’ hands. As this gets more use, I hope we’ll be able to polish off the edges over time. For now, the trick is that the top and bottom 1/4 of the image are cut off from the square, so whatever you centre in the square will also be centred in the pot image; if that helps! :man_shrugging:

Let us know if you find any more bugs!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #207

Hello @robinb :wave:

Not a bug but a quick question if you don’t mind? :slight_smile:

Where are the images stored please? I assume on the server and not locally to avoid losing them when you get a new phone or reinstall the app?

(Robin Bilgil) #208

Yep, the images are stored on servers, much the same way your profile picture and transaction receipt pictures are stored.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #209

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Now, if you could accidentally hit the button to release this on Android on your way out that would be brilliant :wink: :laughing:

(Robin Bilgil) #210

Hi @paulmwoods, not that I’m aware of. I just created one on a test joint account and it seems fine. What iOS version are you on? Is the image still blank for you? It’s possible that on slow connections the download will take a while when you close and re-open the app.

(Tom ) #211

Found a bug. If you make a pot add the custom image then after creation decide you want to add a goal adding the goal removes the image :no_mouth:

(Tom ) #212

Is there a process for officially filing a more detailed bug report (app version number/ OS number and such )

(Nathan) #213

youre killing my internal ocd with that euros cent picture for your “pennies” pot :laughing:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #214

If you create one in the ‘bug reports’ section of the forum it asks for all this information :slight_smile:

(Tom ) #216

Before I file are any of you able to reproduce the bug

(Paul) #217

Great to see this live now. Maybe Labs could have helped iron out these bugs…

(Dan) #218

@robinb Are you planning a blog post on how you integrated this, challenges you had and how the system behind it works? I’d be super interested :slight_smile:

(Chris Greensmith) #219

Yes. Also happens if you change your pot name!

(Tom ) #220

CC @robinb

(Jordan) #221

Sorry :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Malcolm) #222

Is this enabled on Android yet?

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #223

Thanks for this update. I wasn’t aware of Monzo time, in that case this is great use of your Fridays!

And the square crop definitely not a blocker, a minor annoyance is all. Thanks for working on it, makes things look much more fun!

(Thomas Allan) #224

Nope :frowning: not yet. :soon: apparently.