Add custom images to your Pots

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So, custom images are great. However, the implementation needs to be tidied up a bit.

The pots show in a rectangular window, but when you are selecting an image, you are placing it in a square window, thereby guessing which bits will be cropped off… it’s a bit hit or miss to get things lined up so they appear as you want them on the pot screen.

Aside from that, looks fab.


Can someone take a screenshot of this rectangle/square thing? :face_with_monocle:


I don’t have it yet :disappointed: but I guess you’ll be selecting a square that would appear in your feed, and then the top and bottom of that would be cropped off to make it fit in the card-shaped pot thing

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(Chris C) #188

Just checked on my app (not on test flight or beta testing) I now have the feature too! Funny how such a small change makes me want to save more :thinking:

(Jordan) #189

I dunno, as I’ve said above, I think it’s fine - its just on a roll-out and will eventually reach everyone, I don’t see the messy’ness’ here. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: Might just be me

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Well it’s the little things that I think matter here.

Uploaded an image of the empire state building for a ‘New York’ pot and having the top of it cropped and no way for me to easily figure out where in the ‘selection box’ to place the image to stop that happening seems a bit shoddy. Setting that selection box to the same ratio as you see when you visit the account screen would seem to be a simple solution.

I’ll go out on a bit of a limb and say this is poor product design. Technically sure it works fine but the user experience suffers slightly. I’d love to know if anyone with a UI design background was involved in that decision.

Edited to add screenshot of the square selection box…

(Paul) #191

I’m sure I’ve seen posts from Monzo staff that suggest this has been in staff testing for a while. Surely someone must have spotted the issues around cropping and suggested it get fixed before rolling out? The feature has been coming “:soon:” for a very long time! There must have been an opportunities to get it right :roll_eyes:

(Jordan) #192

Ah apologies, I thought you were taking about the roll-out!

In which case yes I do agree with you that it seems slightly messy in terms of the actual feature.

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The amount of time it took to do this you would have thought it would have been spot on but then given Monzos track record of just releasing things ‘half done’ this doesn’t really surprise me tbh.


Kinda just needs the card shape overlay, then it’s fine. The square version could just be an automatic centre cutout out of the rectangle 🤷

(Nathan) #195

Something that would have maybe been pointed out if it was put into TF/Betas first maybe :eyes: :laughing:

(David watson ) #196

I’ve just had it added so continuing to roll it out…ios :smiley:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #197

Thanks Dave, just checked and I’ve now got it!! Whoop!!

(Jordan) #198

Point taken - but you’d have thought this would be picked up by Employee Beta :thinking::thinking:

(Dan) #199

Its out!! Whoops :tada::balloon:

(Nathan) #200

No I agree it definitely should have.

Just goes to show maybe employee only testing might not be the way to go though, monzo employees arent going to scrutinise as hard as the end monzo customers

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And if not, the ability to ‘move’ the selected image without going back to upload it from the camera roll.

I get agile development is build first, iterate later, but at some point there needs to be a level of polish applied. Again, if this had a ‘design’ view to the requirement over a ‘tech’ view maybe it wouldn’t have been missed.

(Jordan) #202

No I do take that on-board, I don’t change my opinion of what is a use-case for TF/Beta but it just is quite poor that this wasn’t picked up on.

(Jordan) #203

Once you get it all lined up it looks quite nice: