Add actions for to hide/show pots if conditions are met

I know that Pot Sorting/Hiding isn’t available on all platforms yet(no i’m not moaning again), but i’d of thought most of us here will know how it works anyway from all the threads.

I’d like to be able to have my Bills Pot visible whilst Bills are waiting to come out and automatically hide once all scheduled payments have left.

Doesn’t sound too difficult to me and would be a really great feature, it could open the door to maybe a whole suite of actions or IFTTT functions where If this then hide Pot, If that then show pot o.e

If all scheduled payments have completed then hide pot.
If date is 1st of the month show pot.

Just some ideas for extending upcoming functionality :slight_smile:

It would be nicer if it was handled in app but could see it working with IFTTT

Another example for you:

If goal not met, hide pot.
If goal is met, show pot.


There you go, missed the one right in front of my eyes. Maybe i should rename the thread?

EDIT: Changed it

Haha. I like the idea, it has a lot of potential but sadly IFTTT hasn’t had any love in a long time :cry:

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No I know it hasn’t, it’s a shame. I’ll leave this up in hope though :slight_smile:

Or the inverse! (I use my pots to save my tax - better to hide them once the goal is met) :blush:

Love this idea

I normally love a power feature but this feels awfully niche to me.

(Sorry :worried:)

That’s fair enough, I’ll just be hopeful that it’s not too complicated for them to link up to IFTTT in the future :slight_smile: