Active card check name and logo different to merchant name

I have an active card check for a payment to Etsy but the logo and website name displayed are not related to Etsy.

I’m reasonably confident the transaction is ok as the payment refers to Esty (within the card check) but how come the logo and URL are for a different company?

Hi. Welcome.

There are all sorts of reasons it doesn’t always match up, the way card transactions are processed can vary and if Monzo doesn’t have the data for each variation, it doesn’t know and just guesses.

If you scroll to the bottom of the transaction in grey it will give you the ID of the transaction, hopefully it will say Etsy in it somewhere.

You can also report it to Monzo to have it corrected, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of it being quick (or at all in some cases), you can see more about this here…

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Thanks Revels, that’s really helpful. I’d assumed there would be a reasonable explanation and as the transaction ID shows Etsy I wasn’t overly worried, but the that thread is v useful to help understand what’s occurring.
Thanks again!