Achievement Unlocking

Today, I made a purchase that came out to $6.66. It got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if Monzo had an achievement unlock feature?
$6.66 = :smiling_imp:
Make a purchase in New York= :statue_of_liberty:
On Thanksgiving= :turkey:
Been a Monzo member for 1 year = :birthday:
…and so forth.
It would make using Monzo more interesting than the other banks.

Also at the end of notification for transactions there’s often an emoji sometimes it’s spot on but often could be better.

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Personally I would find this incredibly annoying. Fortunately one can disable push notifications.


Why would making a purchase in new york be worth an achievement? :thinking:


Why would you want to encourage consumerism, waste and spending-for-the-sake-of-spending?


My thoughts exactly. European banks work differently than the ones in the US. I was born and raised in EU, they implemented EMV chip a decade before the banks in the US did. They’re generally technologically years ahead of us. I have a bank account in an Austrian bank and their security features will not be seen in the US for the next decade and a half. Sadly, most US customers prefer emojis and silly bells and whistles that do not do anything to make banking more secure.