Account Aggregator service - Bud


Bud launches tomorrow

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Wow yet another aggregator!

They’re never going to have a live transaction feed / account balance though because they’re relying on the legacy banks + the extra delay of their scheduled data refresh…

(Rumee Ahmed) #3

Might give it a go, other than Monzo I’ve got two ‘legacy’ accounts. Might be useful to tie the two together.

(Matteo Scotton) #4

Cheeky :joy:

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Somehow these guys made it into the FCA’s sandbox, along with some pretty interesting companies, possibly thanks to their API?

Bud - an online platform and app which allows users to manage their financial products, with personalised insights, on a single dashboard. Bud’s marketplace introduces relevant services which users can interact with through API integrations

(Jamie Campbell) #6

Hi guys - Jamie from Bud

We are in the sandbox to test marketplace banking. This will help companies who want to do something similar I.E. API integrations with a marketplace, to understand and get the right regulation. If you want more info feel free to get in touch. Or if you want to be involved in the 1000 people testing it, just ping us and we’ll sort you a spot.:v:

(Saveen) #7

Bud, now and forever

This month Bud® secured its european trademark, so we won’t be surprising you with a name change anytime soon :wink: All the best Jamie and the Bud team.

True. True. (Assuming this isn’t challenged by an American beer company) :beer::wink:

Whassup @JayC?!,

The concept and execution look great and good to see that Bud plays well with Monzo.

(Btw, I wasn’t able to view your video pitch here:

A couple of questions:

  • Do banks explicitly sanction account access via Bud? My concern is whether disclosing login credentials might breach any banking agreements.

  • Interested to know more about your marketplace ie. what products and services will be available?

Thanks :+1:


Unfortunately I’m unable to login past the 2FA. Keeps telling me my number is invalid despite activating in Authy :confused:

(Jamie Campbell) #9

We’ve had a few issues with our authentication provider. If you use the feedback button you get direct access to our tech team to help you through it. Full solution coming soon.

(Jamie Campbell) #10

Hey there :wave:

That Tech.London thing is nothing to do with us haha - thanks for sharing. I’ll ask them where they got it from.

In terms of banks and login credentials, we never ask for full details, only the login’s asked for by your bank: i.e. 1st 5th and 2nd to last characters. these details are never stored.

In terms of the marketplace, we are listing FX companies, Robo Advisors, Digital Mortgages Brokers, Insurance Products… quite broad. We are doing official announcments soon (but if you go through our Twitter you might be able to guess…) :wink:

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Unfortunately I’ve just checked & Monzo accounts aren’t currently available in the Bud app.

(the API key is necessary to enable Bud to retrieve Monzo data in the app). Anyone who’s interested, can keep an eye on the status of the API here -

Monzo may give some developers early access before v1 goes live…

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Looks like there’s still no live accounts from Bud (not 100% sure) -

(Jamie Campbell) #13

We have live accounts for account aggregation. Regulators have delayed our FS marketplace, so we are adding more services and more partners until we get the all clear!

(Zain Jetha) #14

Would absolutely love to see a Monzo integration into bud.

These two apps could well be the only apps I need to manage my finances.