Access Token Dashboard

With more and more 3rd Parties tying in to Monzo (Tail, Flux, etc.) I think users should be provided an “Access Token” or “3rd Party Access” Dashboard.

The idea of the above it so that you can see where you have granted permission to Monzo, and potentially revoke that access. This could be done for any token generated via, Flux, Tail and any future 3rd Party.

Reason? Sometimes you click to disconnect but there is something to be said for peace of mind and seeing the access was genuinely revoked. It also gives you somewhere to go if you delete an app and forget to revoke access before doing so!


Monzo have said this is something they are working on so you can revoke permissions easily. Believe it’ll be via the app

I agree this would give peace of mind, especially with what’s been happening with Facebook and Google recently.