Cashback In Pubs

Due to the fact my nearest cashpoint is about a 4 minute trek away, and my local pub is a mere 3 minute stroll, I often find myself popping in to the pub for a pint and to get cashback.

However they just put the payment through as one transaction, rather than separating the purchase and cashback as some places do.

It would be good in the future if we could edit the transaction to separate the cashback, as my spending in the pub according to the app is rather skewed!



Splitting a transaction in two sounds like a niche feature, not sure if it’s worth the effort considering this kind of cashback is not frequently used for many reasons, the main one being that this transaction can be charged back and the merchant will be on the hook for it (where as a “proper” cashback transaction can’t, or at least the cash part of it can’t be charged back).

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Actually, there are a number of situations where this would be useful, and it’s been requested for as long as I’ve been on the forum. :wink:

etc… (search will give you more if you want!)


Best excuse for a pint if I ever heard one!


To be fair, I often end up spending the cashback in the same pub anyway, so maybe the data isn’t all that inaccurate!