A question about Virtual Cards

Hi, I just signed up for Monzo Plus, mainly to use Virtual Cards. I just had a question, I just set up a “subscriptions” Virtual Card for stuff like Spotify, Netflix, Prime, etc. I just wanted to know if it is possible for me to put this virtual card on the Monzo home screen, where my Current Account and Savings Account appear so that it’s easier to keep track of it and to see what’s coming out of those virtual cards… If that makes sense?

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You can’t unfortunately.

These transactions will show in your feed, but will have a little icon that looks like the colour of the associated virtual card to help identify them.

For example, I have a virtual card that is saved to PayPal, so when I check out with PayPal using Monzo it uses that virtual card and it shows up in my feed like this:

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You can assign your Virtual Card to a dedicated “Subscription” pot, and have that pot on your home screen.


This is what I do for the Kid’s spending.

Create a pot called ‘Little monster#1’ and create a Virtual Card which is funded from that pot. Repeat for each little monster.
So while the Virtual Cards themselves don’t show in the Home display (carousel), the assigned pots do.

And if you swipe down while in the home screen, you can see the accounts overview display - the pots are also shown there and the Virtual Cards are too - although the VC’s are ‘grouped’ and tapping on their group takes you to the Plus/Premium Virtual Card screen.

It works very well, for my mentality, simple…


As an example of what @davidwalton is saying above, here’s what a Virtual Card attached to a Pot looks like. It gets a dedicated feed of transactions, just like your main card.

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