A notice to our Crowdcube investors 🤗


What does this mean ? Your post is ambiguous.

Do you mean: a) you should get an opportunity to invest when the opportunity arises. Make sure your email is up to date so you receive the message when it’s sent out.

Or b) you should have had an email. If you haven’t check your email address is up to date.

(Josh Bray) #65

It means a). There should be details going out soon but we still don’t have any set dates yet.
Sorry for the confusion

(Alex Sherwood) #66

Just to highlight Tom’s answer to this question earlier in the thread -

In other words, yes.

(Alex Sherwood) #67

As well as taking Josh’s advice, I’d also keep an eye on the community & the blog. I expect the next fundraising round will be announced here. The first was announced in a blog post & there was the opportunity to ask further questions in the community -

(Rod Elliott) #68

Hi @bailey & @tom,

Thanks for posting this comment in October. Looking ahead to the next capital raising round in early 2017, it would ease the concerns of many early investors if a rights issue was utilised, allowing existing shareholders to maintain their relative holdings (with additional proportional investment), without further dilution.

Like myself, I’m sure many investors remain strong supporters of Monzo and want to see the end vision (and value) of the company fully realised. To my mind, this includes securing a strong foundational position in the UK market - supported by relevant, high margin financial products for customers - followed by international expansion, before competitors beat Monzo to the punch.

This strategy will take time to realise, additional funding and sophistication in navigating regulatory requirements in each market. Patience from investors will be required as a result.

As an investor who is in it for the long term, it would be good to see Monzo support early (crowd) investors to maintain their relative shareholdings in future rounds on terms similar to institutional investors (i.e. non-dilutive). In addition to raising capital from new investors (further generating interest / marketing), this is a key step before additional liquidity in Monzo shares can be provided.


(Chris) #69

I’m totally interested in investing. I didn’t know about monzo early enough for the first round :slight_smile:

(Dan) #70

I could not agree with this post more.

(Josh Bray) #71

Make sure that your email address is correct with the monzo team and you should receive some information when they come to ask for investments again

(Naji Esiri) #72

@Jkb114 @Lunee We want to make this next crowdfunding round as democratic as possible, giving all Monzo customers a fair chance of being involved (it won’t be a first come first served basis). We’ll be communicating details of how participate with plenty of time via lots of different channels, not just e-mail. Possibly even in the app. :slight_smile:

(Kieran McCann ) #73

So is there a relatively simple way to explain how the shares actually work, id love to invest but this will be my first time and a few pointers would be awesome. :grin:

I’m assuming I would buy £x worth of shares of Monzo but what exactly do the shares do?

(Christos) #74

Well, owning Monzo shares means that you own a -small- portion of Monzo.
And if Monzo is successful and eventually ends up being publicly traded, you could then sell your shares for a profit.

This is the general idea, perhaps someone with a Fin background can pop in and add some additional points.


Hi, just seen in Sunday Times an article on Monzo and a reference to more crowdfunding. Is that correct? Thanks. Robert


Well this bump got me very excited for a minute :woman_facepalming:

(Jack) #77

I hear it’s in the works, for when though who knows …