Investment is now closed

(Mathew Brack) #1

For those who might have still been waiting in hope. I just received an email from Crowdcube,

“Monzo is now fully funded and is closed to further investment”

(Frank) #2

I got an email saying I needed to Confirm my ID. Waiting for a bill to be sent so I can forward it on as all my bills are online.

Had another email saying funding is now closed. Does this mean I have missed out or is my investment still valid (pending verification)?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #3

on the email that says funding is now closed does it not say underneath "your investment £*** "

(Frank) #4

Yes it does, helps if you actually scroll the email. :man_facepalming:t2:

( #5

Fully funded? I worry about the maths of that.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

It doesn’t look like it

maybe it was just a default email though.

(Nathan Voller) #7

Think this explains it quite nicely:

The Company’s Crowdcube target is £2,485,000. However, if required as part of the ballot process, the Company reserves the right to complete the round on the basis of a lower aggregate investment (no less than £2,385,000).

The reason why the target has been reduced from £2,500,000 (the figure quoted in the Company’s promotional material) to £2,485,000 is to allow for the rounding up of investments made by Crowdcube Investors. For example, a Crowdcube Investor who invests £10 will be entitled to 10 shares (rounded up from 9.942 shares).

This is taken directly from the :monzo: Explanatory Note document.

(Josh Bray) #8

If you look at the previous round it never got to the full amount. There’s probably a reason for it but realistically they are fully funded.

(Mathew Brack) #9

If you see the comment above by @nathanvoller he explains it:

(Josh Davies) #10

Does anyone know at what point we receive things like ‘investor’ next to your name or your investor card? Will it all be following the release of the current account? Not that it really matters, But might aswell make the best of the perks!

(Mathew Brack) #11

To get investor next to your name just send a screenshot of one of the emails you received confirming your investment to monzo in-app support and ask for the investor badge in the forum

as for the card, you will receive the investor card when the current accounts roll out.

(Alex Sherwood) #12

I must have missed those details :see_no_evil: were they posted somewhere?

(Mathew Brack) #13

The first is from my experience and is how I gained my title on the forum

and they have mentioned investor cards a few times, for example here:

(Adam Hockley) #15

:slight_smile: i got badge on my profile

(Henry Pedro) #16

how do you get one of those?

(Herp Derp) #18

Read four posts up

(Tom ) #19

Like me, your badge is still “Mondo”

(Henry Pedro) #20

right… thanks Danny


I did this and they said to just wait since they’ll be reviewing profiles themselves. I think we should stop bothering them and just chill lol.

( #22

Can I get a badge that says Pledged?