A look at other bank apps

I have various UK and foreign bank apps. One of them has some useful features:

The ability to calculate foreign currency amounts even when you not setting up a payment/transfer

The ability to record money you lent to or borrowed from friends

Calculators to estimate savings or borrowings by total sum or monthly amount

These sort of money management tools would be good to include in an app

an interesting talk from American firm Moven doing similar things to Monzo , and presumably what Starling will be doing ( although nothing seen for Starling yet ) - starts 6 minutes in with Brett King https://www.periscope.tv/getMoven/1MnxnnraMyVxO

Thanks. Very interesting.

Nobody has seen what Starling is planning…apart from Anne :slight_smile:

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One interesting thing to note about the Atom Android app is it can be moved to SD Card after install whereas most banking apps can only be on the Device drive and not moved