8 reasons not to open a Monzo account

Of course there’s plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t open a Monzo account, there’s also plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t open a Starling, Revolut, Metro, Nationwide, whatever account but there are a lot of reasons why you should open a Monzo account etc. Swings and roundabouts.

Not everything is for everyone, simple. Good on Monzo for the half-jokey article!


For the record I found this article pretty amusing, initially, but decided Monzo could’ve taken the opportunity to dispel some myths along the way.

I quite like these dire SEO click bait articles – they make me chuckle at what some people type into Google.

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A non story, Of course by even bothering to reply I have added to this crap! Move on.

Geez, people are mean! Lighten up guys, it’s a fun post!

Good job @Roxy, I enjoyed it.


They’re not risking it - this post is purely for SEO so people considering Monzo and searching online will find Monzo’s own article with non-issues about Monzo. It’s a marketing trick, not a joke. It’s not a bit of fun either to be light hearted; it’s all on purpose.

They’re of course not going to include any actually really negative points or shortcomings of Monzo.

I think this is really disappointing and not at all transparent - nothing is mentioned about issues people could actually face using Monzo like card acceptance isn’t perfect, international payments etc.

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Yeah I think everyone or a decent majority here in the forum knows these are for SEO purposes. It seems with every post we get but these are for SEO in every response from people but we all know don’t we? :man_shrugging:
The light-hearted ol blimey is due to the fact that there is of course many legit reasons and asking for it to be hijacked (you’ll already see my reasons not to when searched). What would be good now is a part 2 more serious we know these issues exist and this what we plan to do (or not do) to help make Monzo even better, Neil suggested combining with roadmaps which would be good to highlight what’s in the :soon: pipeline.