4.6% or 4.1% Savings Pots APR?

The Monzo Premium website section details a 4.60% AER on savings pots -

However, my savings pot shows a 4.1% AER. I also received both a notification & email specifying the 4.1% rate.

Do any of you Plus or Premium plan holders see the 4.60% rate for your own savings pot?

CS suggested reinstalling my Monzo app, but unfortunately that did not solve the issue. Any tips are welcome!

CS is wrong. Head to your savings pot in Monzo and you should see a button to upgrade your rate.

You’ll lose your 1% interest perk on balances across all pots up to £2000 though.

Or you can wait until November 7th, at which point you’ll automatically get the higher 4.6% rate.

There’s a thread announcing this change here:


Thanks for the tip and the link to the thread.

I can’t see any button to upgrade the rate - perhaps I was part of an A/B test, or the feature is behind a feature flag for me due to some earlier testing etc. I will reach out to CS again and see what they say

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I think it’s still rolling out. There’s a screenshot just a few posts down that show you what it should look like.

Either way, you’ll have the new rate by November 7th.

If it helps at all, unless you have several thousands in a savings pot, you’re probably better with the existing premium perk.

You’d need £6000 saved in your savings pot just to match how much you benefit from the 1.5% with premium that this bonus replaces. So if you have less than that, you’re better off waiting anyway, and sticking with that effective 1.5% bonus on the first £2000.


The Premium & Plus team were on the case and fixed the issue for me in record time. Thank you guys!


Here’s the link to transfer to the new rate, in case anyone else needs it: Paid Instant Access

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