2 questions

I have just joined and have a couple of questions which I’m hoping someone can answer…
Is the card a pre paid card or is it a ‘proper’ debit card?
Will it work in America without problems, do I have to let anyone know I am going?

It’s a debit card same as your high street bank. Monzo is a full UK bank.

It will work everywhere MasterCard works.

Check this thread for :us:


Hello and welcome! :wave:

It’s a proper debit card! Monzo is new and funky but ultimately as much of a bank as any you’ll find on the high street.

Yes indeedy! Have a look on here for travel tips on thing to the States, though!

Not anyone from Monzo, no - it’ll just work and you’ll get a lovely travel summary when you’re back.

(Do let your family and friends know you’re on holiday, though. They’d only worry :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


This is one of the unsung benefits of :monzo: Monzo, not having to tell your bank your life plans. Because, really, why should you have to?

I hate that it’s become dogma that a bank needs to be told – they never used to need to know, but banks took the lazy route and passed the ‘fraud’ responsibility back onto you to tell them, rather than bother to invent something which actually helped you live your life.

So thank you Monzo.

And enjoy your trip!


Thank you for all your help, I’m so amazed how helpful everyone is! Will the card work on an aircraft? My nationwide one doesn’t


It should do. There have been some problems reported on Easyjet, but that’s more down to what flight attendant you get rather than if it technically works (spoiler: if they let you pay with it, it works fine :wink:)