£12 million later: Our Crowdfunding Pre-Registration is Now Closed

(Tristan Thomas) #1


Congratulations on a great number of pledges

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #3

Damn! That’s an impressive amount of £££ & pledges! Nice one :monzo: fingers crossed I get an email :wink:

(Adam Kendrew) #4

Awesome amount. Congrats!


Wow! That’s incredible :mondo:. I’ve had my email from crowd cube and invested my pledge :grinning:

(Jen Sheikh) #6

Is there a way of getting a notification for interested investors? Something to let us know of the next crowdfunding round before it happens?

(Simon B) #7

If we do decide to do another round, it’ll be publicised well in advance :grinning:

(Colin Robinson) #8

Let’s see if I can miss it by 97 seconds this time :slight_smile: