Your Monzo Completionist

It only says “request”. We rejected one another’s requests :joy:

Nothing. I believe, however, this was a marketing theory - that by giving a ticklist, they may convert more folk to having their salary paid in/CASS’ing, which I think were the key goals of this.


If you care just BACS yourself.

but then you miss the fun of sending each other abuse and emoji


Oh don’t worry, I’m working my way through abusive emoji thank yous, and entering questionable purchases on shared tabs… Just imagine if Monzo allowed multi emoji thanks… They’d need a profanity filter.

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It would appear Your Monzo has been removed with the latest iOS update (TestFlight). No longer in settings or the view all area as far as I can see. No more achievements :medal_sports:

Edit: added OS

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Odd, still in the :android: beta under profile.

Seems to be gone for me in :android: 3.9.0

They did say that they were going to make these badges more “useful”. i.e. tie them into something else… :eyes:

Some sort of A/B testing?

:android: v3.9.0

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Possibly. Are you using :apple: or :android:?

Edited for clarity.

Still comes up on mine (:android:), however I’ve noticed some of the requirements have changed! Having salary paid into Monzo is no longer a Full Monzo requirement. Good for those who are paid via FP etc.

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