You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

…but only if you can satisfy Crodcube that the circumstances are exceptional.


Yes there was a £20m limit on this round! :slightly_frowning_face:

No access to phone at work unfortunately. Couldn’t ‘pop’ to the toilet either.

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I wonder what the uptick in customers is going to look like over the next week…

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Anyone know where the Monzo Signup counter is located these days

Edit: found it :smile:

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There’s a thread here where folk are diligently logging the number every day:

The data is from - scroll down and it should show you how many customers there are (or how many accounts there are - I can never remember which!).


The number on the home page only includes personal accounts and only once the card is activated.

Would have been nice if it was made clear…
Really left a bad taste for me, used to love this product…

Might have to change back from the gold app icon. Every time I see it I start wondering what it is before I remember :see_no_evil:


It was in the prospectus. Clear as can be.

Here’s two hints from JUST the glossy part.




It was.made crystal clear, in the app, blog posts, forums, prospectus, news articles…

I’m sorry you missed out :frowning: Without wanting to come across as being rude, if you failed to understand this basic information then I fear that you may have missed some of the other more complex fundamentals when investing in this crowdfunding round, which could have significant consequences on your finances.

I’m not sure how this reflects on the product itself either but you’re entitled to your opinion :slight_smile:


Stop running it in, I want a gold icon on my Android app :sob:


@vitali Doesnt need to be exceptional - you just ask Crowdcube as long as you have a buyer. They’re clearly worth more than £7.71 because they sold out so quickly, and there’s a lot of excess demand still.


Makes you wonder if they portioned off a larger share for the community what they could have actually raised.

Also wonder how it’s hit their customer balance sheet haha!

Hi Hugh,

I don’t particularly want to print off the prospectus - even if I could


In the interests of clarity and transparency can we get the link to the prospectus restored permenantly to the £20m blog post so anybody can refer to it as and when then wish - maybe Ive missed it but I can’t seem to find any link to it that works now



Yes - it does add to the excitement to limit it though. If it was unlimited, people might take longer to ponder, and you wouldn’t break so many records, which is all part of the circus that creates the big valuations in this space, rightly or wrongly. Ultimately something with scarcity is worth more…


Maybe it’ll be attached to the certificate email?

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I do not think this works the way you think this works… :neutral_face:


Why not? I reckon they could have sold out at the same speed at a tenner, and now there are none left. If anyone desperately wants them, they’ll have to make an offer that someone would be willing to sell at. Clearly £50 is currently spicy, but personally I wouldn’t sell for less, because I think it’s a reasonable 5-year target, and because the shares aren’t liquid, it wouldn’t be easy to buy back in if you sold too low, for all the same reasons.


Not if you are thinking literally. But I agree with Will.

I was on the fence but waited until £19m had gone before investing. A lightning fast round means there is excess demand and they are likely to be undervalued at £7.71 so next round could be higher.

If on the other hand the round did not sell out in 7 days it would imply to me that they there was a lack of belief in the valuation and they might be overvalued.