You’ve Got Crabs

(Andrew Ross) #1

Looks like another great party game from the creators of Exploding Kittens!

(James Amey) #2

Well, that’s just been ordered.

With the expansion

(Simon B) #3

I’ve sadly never played Exploding Kittens even though I’ve been reading The Oatmeal for years!

@Jim1701 if this one ships in time you should bring it in in March (context for everyone else : we’re having a week where all/most of our remote workers will be coming into the office for a week :tada:)

(Andrew Ross) #4

FYI You can play Exploding kittens on ios - just search the App Store - it’s great online!

(Simon B) #5

Wow, had no idea there was a digital version… is it like online multiplayer or local?

(Andrew Ross) #6

Either! Here’s the link: