Apps on Google Play App store

(Adam) #1

I’ve got the usual apps you could think of, but is there anything that stands out for you in terms of being a different or innovative app?

I want to play some interesting games. A lot of them rely on monetization, it kind of takes the fun out of it, and you lose interest quickly!

(Izzy) #2

Try Hatch for games

(Adam) #3

Thanks @ismet


I don’t really play games on phone but my most used App from Google Play is Pocket Cast

(Eve) #5

I like Cluedo and Polytopia (the rest are pretty generic). As for interesting apps I really like Life Cycle and 1SE (one second a day).

(Jack Donovan) #6

Thank you :sunglasses:

(Adam) #7

I’ll check it out, @sc95

(Adam) #8

Thanks @evangelskies

(Mega Charizard) #9

Plague Inc. is a decent game. Available on Google Play, iOS and Xbox