XBOX Series X


That’s a bummer, as I was going to cave after all. Might still give it a go, and hope Amazon have generous enough return policies

That’s exactly what I did- Amazon’s returns policy is very generous in my experience.

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Yes, first two worked then the third one got my account blocked. I suspected it was Private Relay so tried without it, but it still didn’t work so gave up. I tried Apple Pay and a card directly too, but no dice, which was very odd. Ended up cutting my losses and how I hope all my accounts will be fine. At most I’ll get a call asking if it was me, I expect

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Those of you playing Flight Sim, I’m experiencing an odd flicker on menu overlays. Almost as if Christmas lights were flashing erratically. There is no real graphics setting menu, just an option to turn HDR on or off. Have you experienced something like this?

I haven’t had any problems on my Series X

I’ve always been a Nintendo fanboy and fairly neutral between Xbox and PlayStation.

But I have to say I really love this dinky little S with gamepass a bit too much.

My current gamepass list

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Hollow Knight
  • Hades
  • Celeste
  • Streets of Rage 4
  • Guacamelee 2

It’s crazy that these games are all just included!


One of my fav games ever.

Can’t wait to start the second one soon!

Guacamelee was also amazing, so same thoughts for 2!

I played Hades on my switch and have been trying to get everyone I know to do the same. Also just magnificent in every way.

I finish a two year part-time course (around full time work) this Sunday evening and my god am I excited to get back all my gaming time :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face: my backlog is huge rn but I fully intend to blitz it.

I haven’t played 1, but it’s not on gamepass so hopefully it’s not essential for playing 2.

On it right now and it’s a really nice upgrade over Blind Forest. More of the same things that were great but with some great developments.

Haha whoops. Misread/remembered the titles of them. But that’s great to hear! Very excited.

That’s a shame re Guacamelee 1, I think it may have been at some point and/or perhaps I just bought it outright? It was a very fun game so would certainly recommend (haven’t checked but am imagining it can’t be too costly).

Just commenting to say I also love Hades (just started playing and I put down every other game for now) and the two Ori games were fantastic.

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Managed to nab it for a fiver from Eneba!

Granted I’m not playing brand new AAA titles, but the value you can get on digital titles is just outstanding.

Hard to think why you’d buy a disk.

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Only in alpha today, and rolling out in the coming months…

But quick switching between console and Bluetooth devices coming to Xbox one controllers as well as Series ones soon!


Awesome sauce!

This is one of those tiny little things that has had a profound impact on my day to day life, in that I’m now wasting more of my time gaming!


I just nabbed three years of Turkish Gold and a 7 day Ultimate for £70 from Eneba.

That’s literally one PS5 game at RRP.

Cheers for the confirmation.

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That’s fantastic! I didn’t want to tinker with getting Gold from other stores – just got to hope that this will still work in 2 years time so I can do it again

I’m playing through some games I’ve actually bought but didn’t want to risk waiting to finish them before I did it, let alone a few years.

Seems crazy that this loophole is still open.

I know a few of you guys are looking at these.


Bit late by way of update, but my hints paid off and I got a Backbone for my birthday last week :partying_face:

Am loving it so far.

Very comfortable, much much better than holding an Xbox controller with my phone clipped in above, which I found incredibly heavy after just a few minutes in bed when doing that previously.

Only 10 days in but build quality seems quite good. Certainly feels solid enough to chuck in a bag without worrying.

Love the software integration with the app.

  • You open any controller supported app/game - so all sorts of iOS titles and nearly anything on Arcade, or the Xbox (or e.g. PS remote) app itself - and then press the backbone button, which then opens the backbone app and immediately adds that game/app to a sort of launcher / dashboard.
  • This then means whenever you attach the controller, rather than clicking around for a game, you can just press the button to launch the backbone app and said dashboard and quickly launch any of your supported games from there. Very slick.

It’s got charging pass through via lightning (and even a 3.5mm if anyone still cares about that) so no hassle if battery is low.

Have been using it for a lot of Arcade games so far and some remote play, and very very impressed overall.

Am on an iPhone XS and decided not to get a 13 so no camera bump issues for me. Am def gonna get a 14 but hopefully there’ll be a similar adapter/fix available for that too if any issues (Backbone Made a 3D-Printed Adapter, So Your New iPhone 13 Pro Will Fit in the Controller - IGN).

Edit to add:

Not backbone related but have finally started Ori and the Will of the Wisps and just in love with this series all over again. So much fun, such good movement, such a beautiful world.


Glad to see new options, but not glad to see no new companies involved. I know it’s good storage etc, but cannot believe the prices.

Luckily managed to get a 1TB for £150 the other day in an amazon sale…