Working from Home

Leeds office when? You can hire myself and the friend as an apprentice COPs group ;). Following compliance to a T obviously.

Finally got around to buying a cold brew jug from Coffee Gator. No more expensive coffees from shops required, bit of oat milk, some syrup and the cold brew. Delicious :yum:

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I ended up with the small Hario via Pact Coffee.

Worked out that at regular strength (for Cold Brew) it can be diluted 50/50 with water and bunged in the microwave for a hot coffee.

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Cold brew? :exploding_head:

Cold brew is excellent. Really hits the spot on hot summer days. I’ve got a large Hario bottle brewer myself (and a mad Oxo contraption which doesn’t always work as well as it should).

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Am I missing something here???
Cold coffee :face_vomiting:

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You need to get with the program :sweat_smile:

Coffee beans - blitz until ground
Throw in the filter in the jug
Add cold water
Place in fridge
Brew for 12 to 24 hours
Take filter out

It’s fine to drink for up to 7 days, makes a smooth coffee, no harsh acidic taste from when it’s brewed in hot water.

My next step is to invest in a nitrogen setup and keg it, can have my own nitro coffee on tap then. But that’s a project further down the line. Can make it in massive batch then and drink it over a month.


Iced coffee, sure, but not my daily go to morning brew.

Maybe I’m missing out.

You missed one step - dilute. If you just drink it, it’s really strong.

Iced coffee isn’t at all the same, as that’s brewed hot and poured over ice. Very different taste. Cold brew is sweeter and less bitter.

Interesting. Not sure it’s high on my to do list but may give it a whirl one day.

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I didn’t think it was too strong :face_with_monocle: maybe I’ll try it diluted tomorrow :sweat_smile: tbf I filled the glass with oatmilk and then put in maybe 100ml of the cold brew. So that’ll have diluted it, but I’ll experiment now you’ve said that.

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Yeah, the oat milk will have acted to dilute it. How much to dilute by will depend on your ratios. Few years back a workmate started drinking their own cold brew, they were practically bouncing off the walls, they were that wired on caffeine. Had a good laugh later after they started diluting it to a more reasonable level instead. :sweat_smile:

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Too much chemistry, thought & time in all this. For my single-coffee-per-day while WFH or part of the morning routine prepping to go to work:

1 heaped teaspoon of Alcafe (or Nescafe if the recent shop wasn’t an Aldi one) into a mug, pour in just-boiled hot water from the kettle, stir for a random 20-30 seconds, drink carefully so as not to burn lips. No milk, no sugar/sweetener, just dissolved instant coffee in hot water.

Nice :coffee:

(I only drink water at work)


Heaped :face_with_spiral_eyes: how big is the mug?

I picked up some random coffee from Aldi last weekend and seems alright, cheaper than the Nescafé version.

Continuing on the topic of coffee…

Says the man, who literally works in his home, as opposed to an hour and a half from his home.


And the man who threw a load of illegal parties when he was supposed to be working from home.

He clearly thinks we are all like him :laughing:


You can drink cold brew hot! It’s the brew process that’s cold, after that you can heat it up if you want by adding hot water or hot milk.

Brewing cold prevents a lot of the bitterness of a hot brew, you get a much sweeter flavour with more of the coffee been taste, with good beans it’s totally superior to any hot brew method.


Learn something new every day :+1:

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