Will Monzo be the best bank for full-blown adulting?

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It’s clear that all banks need to be more like Monzo, for instant logging, monitoring and the beautiful apps. I imagine there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to get the real bank stuff happening soon, and I look forward to that time. But my fear is what will Monzo be able to offer to keep me on.

I use my Mondo Monzo card Any time I transact with capitalism in exchange for goods or services. Though I’ve gone hardcore on budgeting in the last year and have an ongoing spreadsheet for personal and join accounts.

While no bank gives the instant gratification of Monzo, there are some with rewards, points and cashback. Interest rates are also a big deal right now, with a small number of UK banks competing for high rates - having just opened a new account with one of these banks, I may end up using this new card more frequently for points earning (or just use their CC and pay it back immediately.

There will always be competition, and that’s what this is. Monzo will always be extremely useful for overseas transactions, transferring money to friends, splitting bills and so on. It will certainly most useful for those who aren’t going to go down the route of creating spreadsheets for budgeting - and for kids.

My query is how will Monzo affect my financial standing as I continue doing more adult things like loans and houses and cars etc. Maintaining good credit rating (yes I know “credit rating means nothing” - but these things are all relative.


Monzo plan to save you money via their marketplace rather than offering cashback etc.

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