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Within settings or something having the ability to change the overall colour scheme of the app. Some users prefer a more dark theme and others a lights. You might as well offer a whole range of themes which maybe in the future can match the colour of your card (if you ever end up making personalised cards).

I haven’t got my card yet, so sorry if this is already a feature; I did look around but couldn’t find anything about it.

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Themes aren’t already a part of the app and may be something that the design team are currently looking at. Much of the Monzo app has a white/light background and is very easy to read. The only part of the app that’s dark is the Pulse graph at the top (showing your balance over time). I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Or a daytime (as is) and nighttime setting (white background as black and black text as white or yellow)

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@zancler should be able to impart some additional design based wisdom on this :slightly_smiling_face:

My understanding is that for now we want to keep the colours as universally recognisable as possible, in particular for categories. The colours are one design element which ties different parts of the app together. Keeping them consistent supports the goal to provide an easy to understand ‘at a glance’ overview of your account!


Not sure about iOS, but Android uses system wide themes - that means to get a dark theme, you should change your Android theme to a dark theme and the app will match. I’ve seen screenshots/mock ups of Monzo with a dark theme, so I assume it supports it


I guess the closest that iOS has is the Night Mode that is already on the iPhone, but a full dark/night time theme would be good in the future.

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That’s not true as that does not even work on Google apps let alone 3rd party apps.

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Several months ago we transitioned the visual design of the app (in effect) from dark to light. The reason for this was mostly consistency across the app — we also had a logic that elements that move horizontally, the pulse graph for example, should be dark elements; ones that scroll vertically, such as your home feed, should be light. We weren’t really following this in the previous design and now it’s something that is consistent across the app.

In regard to themes, we don’t have any plans to introduce them to Monzo yet. As Naji says, our primary focus now with the visual design of Monzo’s apps is that understanding your money at a glance is as simple as possible. Maybe it’s something we’ll consider, but realistically I doubt it’ll be sometime soon.

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A dark note would be a very welcome addition to this app.

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I agree with this. I generally enable dark themes on any app that supports it. Would be a welcome addition :slight_smile:


I’ve implemented DayNight in my app. It’s a standard feature that makes dark and light themes easier. It even uses a system setting, however no phone I’ve seen allows you to change it yet - maybe in the future.


Workaround for now…

iOS settings>General>Accessibility>Accessibility Shortcut>Invert Colours

Open Monzo>Triple Click the Home Button>Enjoy night mode

You’re welcome :wink: