Why not add more money making features?

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I am using Monzo daily but I would use much more features that is available in its competitors if Monzo would introduce them. For example FX trading, Gold/Silver trading, stock market trading. I know there are alternatives (like Revolut, Freetrade etc.) but knowing that my money is in a bank gives me more confidence to put more money and do more operations. These operations are money making machines, Monzo would make money instantly on every transaction and we as customers wouldn’t need to be worried about our money as there is FSCS. Is there a specific reason (other than resources) for not to do it?



I want to add, these features can have a lot of “Plus” features which would make me to pay extra.

I’m almost certain that entire list is everything which Monzo wish to steer clear from


But why? It doesn’t make sense. There is no lending, money exchange is instant, almost no risk at all. I don’t understand what is the problem.

It’s been discussed to death already numerous times use the search button and you’ll find a fair few posts along similar lines

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I’m not sure that Monzo has a particular aversion to stock trading. Crypto, yes, but traditional investment, probably not.

I think the answer is more nuanced. Monzo’s original mission was to become a financial hub. Their way into that was via a current account. This is where things got sticky: being a bank and managing a current account is difficult and highly regulated. So now (to me at least) it’s a bit unclear what they want to be. Actually, I think the answer is just “profitable”.

But I digress. I don’t think Monzo has the bandwidth (at Board or engineering levels) to build whole new products in different sectors. What they do have an interest in (I think / hope) is bringing those products to Monzo through third parties. Quite what the mechanics and commercials of that would be, I could only speculate on. But I would like a bit of focus on those for a bit.


When Swiss central bank unpegged from EUR multiple FX brokers went bust and so did many people trading EUR/CHF.

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